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"A good picture will be able to inspire the spectator, so that he forgets himself and his struggles in the contemplation of the works before him. Vinitha has presented her paintings to inspire the onlookers. Her attempt to take the onlookers through her paintings to a fourth dimensional level is commendable. She says she is still a student of painting without aspiring a diploma or a degree. Yes, I wish to see her as an amaturist with all naivety being serious as to intensify her power of expression acquiring mastery in handling mediums in her own way."

-- C.L. Porinchukutty, Vice Chairman, Kendra Lalithakala Academy (2000)

 "It was a memorable experience to share with you the world of artistic fantasies and fine imageries depicted in your many paintings, quite a few of them appearing most impressive and carrying their own significant messages. May God enable your mind and hand to create more and more works of art to delight not only yourself but the viewers as well. All the best."

-- Princess Gouri Lekshmi Bai, Kowdiar Palace, Trivandum (2000)

"Being born as a human is only step away from immortality. The need to be self-complete very often expresses itself in the form of ART.

Glimpses of her beautiful art are evident in her lines and colors. My compliments to her. May God bless her with clarity of mind and drawing."

                   -- Sugathakumari (10 . 08 . 2000)

"Vinithas's illustrious ancestry and inborn talent drew her to painting and it has now been strengthened by sheer practice. Though not an ardent admirer of modern art, I am attracted to the inherent beauty in her paintings. Nature expresses herself with gay abandon in them. Her skillful color mixing, vibrant lines and study in detail places her on par with any other professional artist."

                   -- S. Gupthan Nair, (August 2000)

"Your paintings are filled with the Rhythm and Grace and Energy that comes from a deep understanding of Life & Art. Thank you for sharing your work with me."

                    -- Leslee Nelson, Professor of Art, University of Wisconsin, USA (13. 07. 2001)

"I have had the wonderful opportunity to see your artistic style grow and develop to new heights. The movement, flow and energy you create are stronger and stronger. They speak of the strength and spirit that is you. Thank you for sharing your art and your ideas with me."

                                                                 -- Schuyler, Artist & Art teacher USA (13 . 07 . 2001)

One of India's most outstanding painters, Vinita kumar, held an exhibition of some of her works at the Kerala Festival. Vinita paints in oils, her favourite medium. The Diaspora Indian Association has invited the Kerala-born Vinita Kumar to stage more exhibitions in this country. Ricky Pillay, art critic of the New World newspaper said: 'wonder why Vinita Kumar who has such wonderful global appeal has so assiduously hidden her talents from the international community. I like her imaginative, haunting and deftly executed works. We hope to see more of Vinita in this country, Western Europe and America in the future." Dr. Cyriac Maprayil, President of the Diaspora Indian Association, who hosted a reception in her honour at the India Club was equally enthusiastic: "I was delighted to see some of Vinita Kumar's paintings at the exhibition at the Kerala Festival. In my view, her paintings of India are among the most original and most honest I have seen the last three decades. We are proud of her, her sprit and her artistic integrity and we will do all in our power to get her the international audience she so richly deserves. "

Disapora Indian Association, November 2003.

 "What impressed me in Vinitha¡¯s paintings (oil, water colour & pasted) is the expression of inner joy and freedom, through contrasts, through duality, through diversity. I felt that I was as near Truth as an artist can be, while I was enjoying them."

-- Vishnu Narayanan Namboodiri, Poet (02 . 05 . 2005)

"The paintings are very nice and refreshingly different. Enjoyed meeting the artist and the paintings."

  -- S. Gopalakrishnan(KRIS), COO, Co-founder & Member of Board, Infosys (19 . 07 . 2005)

"Just finished my first viewing of these fine water colour paintings. Quite a range of vision¡­ impeccable brush control¡­ a serene sensitivity that overarches the breadth of this artist¡¯s output. I look forward to connecting with and losing myself in, this body of work, yet again."

-- Raman Vallath, Writer, Washington DC (11 . 06. 2006)

 "Vinitha¡¯s paintings are as delicate as Japanese paintings. Her long framed pictures moved me. The colours are subtle and makes the viewers enter into a meditation mood. On the whole the aesthetic experience is SATVIC and lyrical and allows space for the viewers to fill in what she leaves for his inauguration."

-- Dr. U.R. Ananthamurthy, Chairman Film & Television Institute of India, Bangalore
(15 . 08 . 2006)

 "It has been an experience to have undertaken a journey through the remarkable world of Mrs.Vinitha Anand's paintings. Her choice of themes and colours admirably blend with the dexterity of her hands. Some of them have certain qualities that would rank them among the most sensitive works by any growing artist and I see great future and promise in her as an artist. She has rhythm, absolute control over the medium and a remarkable sense of optimism - rare qualities that would help any artist to grow to higher heights."

"I wish her good luck and hope to see her as an artist of exceptional abilities."

-- Prof.N.Radhakrishnan, Hon. Ambassador, SU of America, San Fransisco (03 . 04 . 2006)

For vinitha music was instrumental in shaping her career as an artist. ¡°My paintings are a combination of imagination, music and colours¡± says the artist who is displaying her paintings at an exhibition titled Layam at the Chitrakoot Art Gallery¡­¡­¡­¡­ for vinitha, painting is akin to an expression of here free will¡­¡­¡­¡­

Hindustan Times, Kolkata, Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Ravi Verma Progeny presents her work (HT City Correspondent)

It runs in the family. Call it art for art¡¯s sake or the inheritance of a creative soul ¨C the sheer jubilation of lifting up the paintbrush and the palette to give shape to one¡¯s thoughts on canvas has been intently nestled by her illustrious lineage.

But low-profile artist Vinitha Anand never let her humility crumble at the slightest mention of her renowned pedigree. Great grand daughter of noted painter Mangala Bai Thampuratti, the sister of the celebrated stalwart of classical paintings, Late Raja Ravi Varma, Anand¡¯s repertoire speaks volumes in fine arts currently in Kolkata to showcase her brilliant collection of works at the prestigious Chitrakoot Art Gallery, this self-taught Kalakaar from Kerala, is visibly excited to mingle with the discerning connoisseurs of the culture capital and promises to touch & chord in the avid buffs hearts.................................

..................................... This adroit craftswoman now unleashes a unique rhythmic series called Layam to leave a mark of her signature traits on kolkata¡¯s Kaleidoscope. ¡° The theme basically highlights a union of fertile imagination, congenial colours and serene music.

The Asian Age, kolkata, Tuesday 17 October 2006 by Pramita Bose

If it weren't for the passion with which she spoke about art, Vinitha Anand, could well be mistaken as yet another weary housewife who labeled her indulgence as her calling. “I Paint for the sheer joy of it and if I didn't paint I would feel quite incomplete:? says the kerala based artist who is exhibiting at Chitrakoot Art Gallery............

The Indian Express, Kolkata, Saturday, October 14, 2006
Music of the Art by Sayantan Ghosh

Music and nature are the main sources of inspiration for Vinitha Anand, who has come all the way from Trivandrum to exhibit her works in the city. Reflecting the cosmic interplay between nature and music, each of her paintings enkindles positivism and encourages soulful conversation with the inner self. Layam, a collection works in water colour and mixed media, presents a harmonious union of music, imagination and colours. Abstract on first impression, they appear to portray a state of mind that is sublime and ethereal, when the soul is at peace with surroundings. Characterised by a skillful mix of colours and vibrant lines, her works are filled with rhythm, grace and energy; qualities clearly derived from a keen understanding of life and art. Anand's paintings also possess a serene sensitivity that allows viewers to go into a meditative mood. Nature is expressed with spontaneity in her paintings, but always with a sense of symmetry and proportion, as if to convey the balance and equilibrium of nature.

The Telegraph, Calcutta , Saturday 14 th October 2006 Chorus of Colours.

Welcome to our Art Gallery and Roerich Estate!

"As Nicholas Roerich said once, all great artists will come here- and today we inaugurated your exhibition here. It is my pleasure to see your works, imbved with energy of your heart search, hopes, emotions, dreams… And I am sure our children from Helen Roerich Art College will find a lot of new and interesting things for themselves in your paintings. And not only our students, but all visitors of the Trust, I wish you all the best, let your aspiration towards the beautiful brings you to the Highest !"

Alena Adamkova, Director International Roerich Memorial Trust , 2007

"Very good water colour paintings."

with love and best wishes...

Rita Singh, 27th May 2007

"Randu nalla vakku: nalla chithrangal"

Yesudasan, 09th June 2007

"As amazing to see such clarity of thoughts in your work, unadulterated.... full of positive spirit.... Great to have known such wonderful family, selfless in the pursuit."

May Almighty bless you....

with all my love,

Rasool Pookutty,06th February 2011

"Paintings of vinitha are not only beautiful they are also very soothing. Her medium is also very versatile."

God bless you...

Sheila Dikshit, Governor of Kerala, 22nd August 2014

"There is a striking simplicity in your paintings.Both lines and colours evoke a feeling of calm and silence.All the best wishes"

-- Ajaya kumar, ex principal, TVM college of fine arts (6,December 2014)

"Vinitha Anand is an artist Par excellence.There is a magical quality in her paintings,the wafting of musical notes over the lotuses.She invokes music through her views of nature.It has been a pleasure to host her exhibition at the Vennirul Art Gallery of C.P.Art Centre in chennai.She has also dedicated all the proceeds to two charities,What a wonderful gesture.I wish her all the best in her efforts and her artistic career in the years to come"

-- Nanditha Krishna, (February 2015)

"Vinitha Anand's paintings reveal an extremely creative mind.Her use of colors is sophisticated and pleasant"

-- Dr.G.J.Sudhakar,Professor And Head ,Historical Studies C.P Institute of Indological Research Chennai (February 2015)